Have You Completed Your Recital Forms Yet?

Don’t forget that both your Program Form and Tech form are due 30 days before your recital date. if you fail to submit these on time, your recital may be cancelled or may not count toward your degree.

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Student Recital Information

Your recital is a very important event in the preparation for your career in music. We make every attempt to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. The scheduling process is designed to establish your needs and communicate them in the most efficient way possible to the support personnel who will assist in the performance. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of us in the Technical Office.


Standard recital times are as follow (times are not negotiable):

See calendar for actual availability

 Tuesday – Friday Holsclaw Hall 7:00 pm
Crowder Hall 7:30 pm
 Saturday – Sunday Holsclaw Hall 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Crowder Hall 11:30 am, 3:30 pm, 7:30 pm

POLICY: Recitals will NOT be scheduled after the last day of classes.

Technical support/equipment and recording services are not available for classroom and off-campus recitals.

Students will be charged $165.95 for use of the hall:
Cost Breakdown

  • Stagehand: 2 people x 4 hours x $14.50/hr x ERE (2%) = $118.32
  • Program Creation: 2 hours @ $14.50/hr x ERE (2%) = $29.58
  • UA Charge on Expenses (2%): 2% of $147.90 = $2.96
  • UA Charge on Income (10%): 10% of 150.86 = $15.09

Students can opt to perform in a classroom for no charge.



Should you need to cancel your recital, please inform the scheduling team at FFSoM-Scheduling@cfa.arizona.edu as soon as possible.

POLICY: It is the student’s responsibility to inform appropriate faculty members of the cancellation.



Programs must be submitted online and approved by all appropriate faculty via the Program Form, at least 30 days prior to your recital date.

Printed programs are only produced by the school in order to present a consistent, professional image to the public. If you have materials that you’d like included with the program, please be sure to send it in by the 30-day deadline to be included on the website. Attendees will be provided a link to view programs and materials via their mobile device and there will be some paper copies available for those in attendance.

POLICY: Program information is due a minimum of 30 days before the recital. Programs turned in late or incomplete will not be processed by the Fred Fox School of Music.

Program drafts will be available for proofreading one week before the recital.


RECORDING (Audio & Video)

The Fred Fox School of Music will record required degree recitals held in the performance halls upon request.

POLICY: Recording of student recitals is optional and not part of the hall fee; students will be charged via their student bursar account (see below). The recording must be requested at least 30 days in advance to assure the availability of a recording engineer.

Recording fees are as follows:

  • Audio & Video Recording: $66.37Cost Breakdown
    • Audio Engineer: 4 hours @ $14.50/hr x ERE (2%) = $59.16
    • UA Charge on Expenses (2%): 2% of $59.16 = $1.18
    • UA Charge on Income (10%): 10% of $60.34 = $6.03



Upon request students can elect to have their recital streamed live via the school’s YouTube Channel. youtube.com/c/FredFoxSchoolofMusic

POLICY: Streaming of student recitals is contingent upon the confirmation that the pieces being performed are not subject to royalty fees or copyright claims.

Streaming is not an additional cost above Audio & Video recording but is only available in the performance halls.


All equipment requirements must be indicated on the Tech Form, and submitted at least 30 days prior to your recital date. Stagehands are provided for basic lighting and stage changes. For more complex requests, additional labor is required and will be charged to the performer.

POLICY: Requests for technical needs and personnel other than what is provided by policy must be requested and approved by the Technical Office 30 days in advance of the recital. Any additional crew and equipment expenses will be the responsibility of the performer.

Requests for special musical instruments or equipment (e.g., harpsichord, lighting, video projection, etc.) must be listed on the Tech Form and approved at least 30 days in advance. You are required to pay the labor costs for special requests which includes anything other than standard recital lighting, an announce microphone, or tape playback. Please contact the Technical Office for more details.


The following instruments are available for use in student recitals and must be used in the space listed. (Ex: You may not use the harpsichord anywhere other than Holsclaw Hall). These instruments must be requested to be used for a performance.

  • Holsclaw Hall
    • 7′ Steinway
    • Hill Harpsichord
    • Schoenstein Organ
  • Crowder Hall
    • (2) 9′ Steinway
    • 9′ Kawai – For Prepared Piano


All rehearsals and/or activities using music facilities must be scheduled using the room request form.

POLICY: Rehearsals in performance halls are limited to one, two-hour rehearsal per recital. Rehearsals must be requested at least two weeks in advance.

Do not assume that the technical needs you requested for your performance will be available at your rehearsal. Please be sure to request them using the room request form at least two weeks in advance if you need them for a specific rehearsal. Warm-up time is available in the hall one (1) hour prior to the performance for thirty minutes. The house will open one-half (1/2) hour prior to the performance start time. Once the house is open, performers may warm-up in the dressing rooms.

Example Timeline (for a 7pm show):

  • Crew Call: 5:30pm
  • Stage available for warm up: 6:00 pm
  • Stage clear, House open: 6:30 pm
  • Performance Begins: 7:00 pm


Please enter the performance halls through the backstage door for rehearsals. For assistance, or if the door is locked, go to Room 116.




POLICY: Performer must supply 2 ushers for Crowder Hall or 1 for Holsclaw Hall.

Please provide the name and telephone number or email address of the person responsible for your ushers on the Tech Form. This is the person that will get the programs prior to the recital, so please make sure the name is correct to avoid confusion. The Technical Office has additional information and usher guidelines.



Our professional policy is to begin all performances on time as publicized and/or printed on the program.

Do not enter the stage until the Stage Manager or Light Board Operator gives you a cue. This will be arranged with you prior to the starting time.

The hall will open one hour before the performance for on-stage warm-up, if required. If you do not require an on-stage warm-up, please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before the performance.

POLICY: All on-stage warm-ups must end 30 minutes prior to performance time to enable audience to enter.



Do not invite the audience on stage. Please arrange to greet the audience in the lobby if you are not having a reception.

Performers must clear the stage of personnel, instruments and personal belongings immediately following the performance.


Receptions may be held in the lobby area or the Green Room (Room 114A).

Please schedule your reception via the Room Request Form.

POLICY: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus.


Recitals may be held in venues outside of the Music Building as well as in Music Building classrooms as available.

POLICY: The Fred Fox School of Music is not responsible for rental fees for off-site recitals. Technical assistance/equipment and recording will not be provided for classroom or off-site recitals. Fred Fox School of Music pianos are not available to be moved out of the Music Building.



The performer is responsible for all expenses related to the performance.

Programs are required but will not be provided by the school. A program master for copying purposes will be provided.

Recitals not required by a degree can only be scheduled in the same semester they are performed.

POLICY: Please contact the scheduling team at FFSoM-Scheduling@cfa.arizona.edu for additional information.



Required degree recitals in Crowder and Holsclaw halls

  1. Review available dates for the dates currently available.
  2. Meet with your professor to confirm their availability for the date that you would like to reserve.
  3. Submit the event request form.
    • Fill out the form completely and submit the form.
    • You and your faculty member will receive a confirmation email once your date is confirmed and entered on the calendar.
    • Please make sure that your email and theirs are correct on the form.


POLICY: Dates for required recitals must be booked at no later than Census Day (21st academic day of semester) of the semester performing. Only one date will be reserved per student. Recital dates/times may not be traded or changed without permission. Any changes must be approved no later than 30 days prior to the performance.



Tech Form